Tai Chi for Health Programs


We are excited and pleased to announce the formation of Tai Chi Vermont, a non-profit collaborative organization with the goal of enhancing the wellness of Vermonters by providing safe and effective Tai Chi instruction.

Background Until now, those of us practicing and teaching Tai Chi for Arthritis 1 and 2  (TCA-1 and  TCA-2)  and Tai Chi for Diabetes  (TC-D) were certified through Dr. Paul Lam’s Tai Chi for Health Institute based in Australia.  Marty Kidder, authorized Master Trainer, working with experienced teachers Anne Bower and Ellie Hayes, assured the competence of those learning the TCA-1, TCA-2, and TC-D sequences.  Tai Chi Vermont (TCVT)  is an independent organization and will not be affiliated with the Tai Chi for Health Institute.  Marty Kidder, Anne Bower and Ellie Hayes are now authorized trainers in this locally based, cooperatively managed corporation.

Check class listings for current offerings.